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1111 Angel Number Crystal Chip Candle

1111 Angel Number Crystal Chip Candle

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Immerse yourself in the uplifting energy of our angel number opalite candle, meticulously crafted to enhance positive vibrations and spiritual growth. Infused with the calming aroma of lavender and the grounding essence of patchouli, this candle creates a serene ambiance that promotes relaxation and manifestation.

Each aspect of this candle is carefully designed to elevate your spiritual journey. Embellished with opalite crystals, renowned for their ability to enhance communication and intuition, this candle serves as a powerful tool for deepening your connection with the universe and listening to your inner guidance.

The angel number '1111' serves as a potent symbol of intuition and divine guidance. As you encounter this angelic sign, it serves as a reminder from the universe to trust your instincts and follow your heart's desires.

As the candle burns, the opalite crystals gently release from the wax, ready to be collected and reused for various spiritual practices, ensuring that their healing energy continues to enrich your life long after the candle has extinguished.

With an approximate burn time of 25 hours, this angel number opalite candle provides enduring illumination and fragrance, allowing you to bask in its tranquil aura whenever needed. However, we advise practicing caution when burning and recommend never leaving a lit candle unattended.

Embrace the transformative power of our angel number opalite candle and let its soothing blend of lavender and patchouli guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Illuminate your space with positivity and intention, and trust in the divine messages that surround you.

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