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Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Tumblestone Set

Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Tumblestone Set

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Unlock the potential of your inner Aquarius with this stunning set of five crystal tumblestones, tailor-made for the innovative, progressive, and rebellious spirit. The set features a carefully selected lineup of crystals:

1. Hematite for stability.
2. Amethyst for peace.
3. Yellow Jade for wisdom.
4. Labradorite for transformation.
5. Aquamarine for courage.

Beautifully presented in a magnetic closure gift box, complete with information about each crystal, this set is more than just a gift; it's a thoughtful and empowering gesture. Also, included is a velvet drawstring bag to ensure the protection of these precious tumblestones. Encourage the Aquarius in your life to embrace their unique qualities and potential with this exceptional crystal collection.

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