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Black Pepper Infused Protection Candle

Black Pepper Infused Protection Candle

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Nurture your energy and invite protection, security, and comfort into your life with our exquisite Protection Spell Jar Candle. Candle magic is a beautiful and straightforward form of manifestation, allowing you to set your intention, ignite the candle, visualize your desired outcome, and focus your intent on manifesting that result.

Infused with the bold and protective essence of black pepper, this spell jar candle acts as a shield against negative vibrations, creating a space filled with positivity and divine energy.

Elegantly presented in a frosted glass jar with a cork lid, this candle serves as both decor and a powerful ritual tool. Whether you're using it for meditation, manifestation, or simply as a decorative piece, it will radiate a spellbinding fragrance throughout your space.

With an approximate burn time of 25 hours, our Protection Spell Jar Candle fills your surroundings with its enchanting aroma, allowing you to bask in its protective energy and manifest your intentions with clarity and purpose.

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