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Chakra Meridian Recharge

Chakra Meridian Recharge

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Also Known as REEM (cellular memory erase) 

Explore the connection between PEF therapy and the chakra system and meridians.

SEQEX® Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEF) Therapy involves the use of electromagnetic fields that are pulsed or variable in nature to interact with the body's cells, tissues, and bioelectromagnetic processes. It is used in various healthcare applications, including pain management, inflammation reduction, tissue regeneration, and overall well-being.SEQEX®, administer these controlled electromagnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

Chakra System and Meridians:

The Chakra System is made up of seven primary energy centers (chakras) aligned along the body's central axis, each associated with specific qualities and aspects of well-being. Meridians are the pathways through which vital energy or "qi" flows, connecting various parts of the body. Chakras and meridians are often associated with the flow and balance of energy within the body.

 Connection between PEF and Chakras/Meridians:

They use of PEF  as a complementary tools to promote overall well-being by potentially affecting the flow of energy within the body, including the energy associated with chakras and meridians.Enhancing the body's physical well-being through PEF therapy, and improve the energy flow, balance, and vitality within the chakras and meridians.

Shelly works with her modality of energy work along with Seqex. Working with the Seqex technology as well as the bodies intelligence for promotion of self healing. Clearing and Balancing of Chakra and Meridians with Seqex technology as well as addressing any other concerns via intuitive counselling.

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