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Indigo Sage Affirmation Cards

Indigo Sage Affirmation Cards

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Indigo Sage is a name that hints you are a humanitarian and generous individual who knows that infinite possibilities are the ultimate truth; you choose wisely.
To be of service to others comes from actively being of greatest service to your unique soul’s dharma (creative destiny). By connecting with your inner wisdom and activating your intuitive powers through the arts of wonderment and contemplation, expanded self-knowing will unfold. When you live with inner clarity, you are calm, peaceful, and content, and this makes you a wonderful human to know.
This deck is made up of one stunning hand-painted picture (featuring a young wisdom holder surrounded by the simple wonders of nature) divided into forty cards labeled 1–40. Complete the puzzle intuitively with the images alone, or lay them out in order with numbers facing up, then turn the cards over to reveal the full picture. The images on each of the cards are symbolic and work on their own when viewed separately from the full picture.
Choose cards as personally guided, either from the full picture or simply draw from a shuffled deck..

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