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Love + Clarity Crystal Bead Bracelet

Love + Clarity Crystal Bead Bracelet

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Elevate your style with intention by wearing our Love + Clarity Bracelet. This unique piece of jewelry beautifully showcases the vibrant aesthetics and the energizing properties of carefully chosen genuine crystal beads. With each wear, you can set an intention for Love + Clarity, allowing these crystals to enhance your journey.

Clear Quartz:Amplifies and directs the flow of energy, helping you focus and channel your intentions effectively.
Red Tiger Eye:Stimulates action while aiding in the clearing of old patterns, empowering you to take confident steps forward.

Red Jasper:Promotes health and heightens your awareness of inner magic, nurturing your overall well-being.
Chinese Rhodonite:Facilitates letting go of the past and offers gentle heart healing, promoting emotional well-being.

Fits most adult wrist sizes comfortably, with a circumference ranging from 7 inches to 7.5 inches. Designed with an elastic band for easy wear and adjustment.

Experience the fusion of style and intention with our Love + Clarity Bracelet. Each time you put it on, set your intention to invite love and clarity into your life, allowing these genuine crystals to guide you on a path of positivity and personal growth.

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