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Magic Protection Spell in a Box

Magic Protection Spell in a Box

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About The Item...

Empower your inner magic and shield yourself from negativity with our Mini Protection Spell in a Box. This enchanting spell kit is your key to harnessing mystical energies that provide a shield against harm and spiritual weariness.

Inside each sliding box, a world of mystical defense awaits:

Transform your space into a sanctuary of protection by using each box as a candle holder. Light the 3 included unscented grey spell candles and let their soothing flames fortify your spiritual defense.

 Our detailed instructions serve as your guide to effectively use the kit, aiding you in focusing your intent and channeling your energies to safeguard against negativity.

 Grey is a neutral color representing balance and protection. It plays a significant role in this spell kit, amplifying your intentions and forming an impenetrable shield against harm.

Whether you seek to guard against harm, shield your spirit from fatigue, or simply bask in the protective energies surrounding you, our Mini Protection Spell in a Box is your mystical companion on this transformative journey. It's time to amplify your inner magic and fortify your spiritual defenses. 🛡️✨

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