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Mini Crystal Bracelet Assortment

Mini Crystal Bracelet Assortment

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Enhance your daily life with our Genuine Mini Crystal Bead Bracelets, each thoughtfully presented on a small backer card. These bracelets not only adorn your wrists but also empower you with the unique energies of carefully selected genuine crystals. Wear them with intention, stacking on either wrist to both receive and express the crystal energy you seek.

Labradorite:Experience ease and harmony in your daily life.
Red Jasper:Gain insight and stability to navigate challenges confidently.
Rose Quartz:Find calmness and nurture self-love within.
Tiger Eye:Attain clarity of thought and strengthen your connections.
Moss Agate:Harness strength and invite prosperity into your journey.
Snowflake Obsidian:Ground yourself and embrace serenity.
Sodalite:Achieve balance and enhance self-trust.
Amazonite:Set boundaries and speak your truth authentically.

Each bracelet has a 7.5" circumference, designed to comfortably fit most wrists.
How to Wear with Intention:
- Stack the bracelets on your left wrist to receive the unique crystal energy.
- Stack them on your right wrist to express and radiate the energy you wish to share with the world.

Experience the power of intention and crystal energy in your everyday life with our Genuine Mini Crystal Bead Bracelets. Choose the crystal that resonates with your intentions and wear it with purpose. Let the crystals empower you as you navigate your journey toward a more balanced and harmonious existence.

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