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Medicine Wheel Reading Every Tuesday

Medicine Wheel Reading Every Tuesday

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Tuesday 4pm-7pm

Psychic Healing and Oracle card readings by NIKA

Nika uses a combination readings using Oracle and Taro cards, tailored to help client understand, where they are strong and which areas require some work.
She looks at things that out of balance and give client recommendations and tools to apply in their life. It helps client gain harmony and happiness.

Relationship questions, Purpose in Life, Past Life, Health and many more subjects
can be addressed.She also offers a Medicine Wheel readings.

Other services include, but not limited to:
Helping you uncover and recognize your Spirit animal, who accompany you in this life,along with your guardian angels, giving you distinct powers and qualities. Knowing them helps you see the patterns, situations in life, and how you deal with challenge, gives you guidance to take a full advantage of your unique makeup....

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