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Seqex MED Test

Seqex MED Test

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MED – SEQEX® MED is an innovative electromedical device for magnetotherapy that administers customized controlled pulse or variable electromagnetic fields. The generation of waves, the control of programming parameters and the management of function is the result of the latest microprocessor technology. This model provides the option to save customized data on a Card for use not only with SEQEX® MED but also with the SEQEX®FAM and SEQEX® HC. The treatment is applied using a mat connected to a central console. There is the option to increase treatment intensity with the use of multiple mats simultaneously connected with the multi-plug in adapter (power splitter).

 The device is very unique it provides the option to customize a test to see what is suitable for each Client. The electrodes are attached as shown below and the impedance will be read as shown in these schematic drawings.


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