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Sky Blue Floral Patchwork Kimono

Sky Blue Floral Patchwork Kimono

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Say goodbye to the days of layering clothes for warmth and hello to the days of layering fashion! Adding kimono’s to your summer wear takes it from basic to extraordinary. With a floral boho kimono, you don’t have to worry about looking like everyone else at the beach. It has an airy silhouette that makes any look more breezy and stylish for those hot summer days. Kimono’s also add an effortless boho touch to any outfit, whether you are going out with friends or spending a day by the pool. A well-chosen boho kimono has no limits when it comes to styling options during those warmer months. With its bright colors, trendy prints and lightweight fabric, there’s no better way than wearing this garment as your statement piece during summer events or day time activities. Let your personality shine through with a floral boho kimono that is as vibrant as you! Don't wait until temperatures rise— add this item today!

One Size Fits Most, 100% Polyester 

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