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The Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck

The Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck

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Indigenous Medicine Woman, Asha Frost invites you into a beautiful journey of reclamation with this vividly illustrated oracle deck, The Sacred Medicine Oracle.

This deck contains 56 cards alive with ancient traditions, ancestral guidance, healing rituals, moon phases, animal spirits, and plant allies.  Each card vibrates with energy and guidebook leads you to deeper meaning, offering a description, sacred ceremony, and affirmation for each card, as well as unique spreads and sage advice for oracle readings.

These medicine cards are an expression of traditional teachings brought forward in a modern way.  Each card carries channelled matriarchal Grandmother wisdom that welcomes you home to your truest nature.


Indigenous people know the power of earth and spirit medicine.  Everything in our natural world is interconnected and sacred.  The plants, animals, rocks, waters, stars and moon are our relations, our kin.  Indigenous people know that every aspect of creation has a spirit. 

This spirit lives in all things are informs us how to walk in a good way, or in Anishinabemowin, Mino-bimaadziwin.  Your inner flame is waiting to be ignited by these teachings.  The Sacred Medicine Oracle is here to initiate this activation.


Embrace a conscious, respectful relationship with medicine teachings and awaken a daily connection to the life you are dreaming into being.  The Sacred Medicine Oracle reminds you that you are loved, unconditionally and worthy of a life filled with ease, grace and abundance.

These cards are created to support your rituals, ceremonies, workshops, healing circles, altars and beyond. They are a 20 year dream in the making and I hope you receive the blessings I activated them with.

Each card carries and image that has been intentionally activated with loving medicine from my ancestors.  May it support you and infuse you with golden light and love.

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