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Wrap Skirt

Wrap Skirt

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About The Item...

Introducing our 100% Tie-Dyed Cotton Skirt, a radiant piece of clothing handcrafted with care and creativity in Nepal. Each skirt is a unique expression of artistry, blending vibrant tie-dye patterns with the softness of Nepalese cotton.

This skirt is designed to fit many sizes comfortably, thanks to its adjustable waistband. Wear it as a traditional skirt or get creative and style it as a strapless dress for a versatile look that suits any occasion.

But what truly sets this skirt apart is its ethical pedigree. Crafted under Fair Trade practices, it ensures that the artisans behind its creation are treated fairly and receive equitable wages. By choosing our skirt, you're not just embracing fashion – you're supporting a movement towards sustainable and ethical production.

So why settle for ordinary when you can make a statement with our 100% Tie-Dyed Cotton Skirt? Add a touch of love and color to your wardrobe while championing responsible fashion practices. Because when it comes to style, passion and purpose go hand in hand!

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